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Meet the professionals who can help you

Pursue Your Goals


Jason Rindskopf, WMCP® Investment Adviser Representative

Jason began his career in retirement planning in 2005, just two years prior to the start of the financial crisis that devastated so many hardworking Americans between 2007 and 2009. This presented an early formative experience, exposing the vulnerability of relying on conventional financial guidance as individuals transition from their working years into their retirement years.

This experience shaped the subject matter of Jason’s first book, “Survive the Crash,” and helped establish the foundation of “The Two Waters Way” — a proprietary planning process designed to help retirees and soon-to-be retirees achieve three primary outcomes:

(1) Establish an income plan that can help you sustain your lifestyle in retirement.

(2) Build a cohesive investment and tax planning strategy to help preserve your hard-earned wealth without taking unnecessary risk.

(3) Insulate your plan with an asset protection strategy to help ensure you leave your family a gift, not a burden.

Jason is a registered Investment Adviser Representative and a Wealth Management Certified Professional®. The WMCP® designation focuses on goal-based financial planning, behavior management and the unique complexity of investment management, tax planning and advanced legacy planning for families.

He’s married to his amazing wife, Cory, also a business owner and entrepreneur. The two welcomed their first child, Jaxon (“Jax”), in February 2022.

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